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The Guzzle: 315-203-2166 reopens May 2021, newly managed by T.I. Park Corporation. Stay tuned for exciting news and updates. Spring is just around the corner!

The Wellesley Hotel Restaurant: 315-482-3698 reopens May 2021, newly managed by T.I. Park Corporation. The Hotel is now booking guest room reservations for the 2021 season, tap to make a hotel room reservation or call us at 315-482-2576 to book your next island getaway.

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Welcome to Thousand Island Park

Thousand Island Park has over a century of rich history, tradition and culture that, along with the magnificence of the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands, has made it a unique and exciting place to visit, vacation and/or live.

Founded in 1875 as a Methodist Campground, TI Park thrived as a family retreat with a Chautauqua atmosphere of religious, cultural and recreational activities. Today it continues as a peaceful haven in a hectic world where families come to enjoy old-fashioned values in a place of natural beauty.

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Thousand Island Park

Corporation Contact Information

Mailing Address:
42822 St. Lawrence Avenue Unit #1103
Thousand Island Park, NY 13692
Email: Lloyd Withers, General Manager
Email: MemRee Byers, Office Manager
Email: Merissa Gagné, Administrative Assistant
Corporation Office: 315-482-2576
Corporation Office Fax: 315-482-6515
Wellesley Hotel (Seasonal): 315-482-3698
Guzzle (Seasonal): 315-203-2166
Gas Dock (Seasonal): 315-486-0384
Security (Seasonal):