Contact Information and Directions

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Thousand Island Park

Corporation Contact Information

Mailing Address:
42822 St. Lawrence Avenue Unit #1103
Thousand Island Park, NY 13692
Corporation Office: 315-482-2576
Corporation Office Fax: 315-482-6515
Email: Lloyd Withers, General Manager
Email: MemRee Byers, Office Manager
Email: Merissa Gagné, Administrative Assistant

Park Phone Directory

Wellesley Hotel (Seasonal) 315-482-3698
Guzzle (Seasonal) 315-203-2166
Library (Seasonal) 315-215-4133
Gas Dock (Seasonal) 315-222-8611
TI Park Security (Seasonal)315-215-2851
Wellesley Island Fire Department 315-482-4222
Non-emergency Local Police Dispatch 315-786-2601

Waste Management 315-773-5696
Town of Orleans Offices 315-658-9950
Fineview Post Office 315-482-3700
New York State Police 315-482-2525