Gazebo/Chapel Reservation Form

Must be completed and submitted to the TIP Corporation Office

    * Special “Event Parking” signs will be used by our Security Staff to delineate areas at the Library where limited and orderly parking will be permitted for special events at the Gazebo only. Please submit Event Parking requests to the Corporation Office for review. Any overflow of vehicles for these events will need to use the overflow lots around the Park. In order to save parking space for church services, we recommend using the parking lot on Park Avenue (on the opposite side of the street from the Tabernacle) or the lot on Ontario Avenue near Rainbow Street. Parking maps available upon request.

    Fees payable to Thousand Island Park Foundation
    $250.00 Gazebo usage for residents
    $500.00 Gazebo usage for non-residents
    $100.00 for Baptisms at the Gazebo
    $2 per chair
    $7 per table

    Fee payable to Thousand Island Park Corporation
    $150.00 Chapel usage



    Please send payment for the fees above to:
    Thousand Island Park Corporation
    42822 St. Lawrence Avenue Unit #1103
    Thousand Island Park, NY 13692

    Would you prefer to submit a paper form instead? Download Here