2020 Cottage Rental Registration Form

To be filled out by cottage owner or agent and filed with the Park Office PRIOR to EACH rental occupancy

Vehicle One

Vehicle Two


The cottage owner or rental agent must:
• Fill out and file a Rental Registration Form at the Park Office PRIOR to the arrival of the tenant
• Furnish the tenant with a copy of the Rules and Regulations of Thousand Island Park
• Advise the tenant to obtain a parking permit(s) from the Park Office upon arrival
• Limit the number of persons occupying the rented cottage to two (2) people per bedroom or a maximum of ten (10) people per cottage, whichever is less. This number includes adults and children alike.
• Limit the total number of rental weeks per cottage to six (6) weeks per season

Excerpt from the "Green Book" Rules and Regulations of Thousand Island Park, New York, 1875-1979 and 1998 approved and adopted by Thousand Island Park Corporation Board of Directors. RULE 7A/Amendment C: "When and if a cottage or boathouse is rented, the holder of the lease from the Corporation will be held responsible for any violations by tenants or occupants of rented cottages and/or boathouses for the compliance with the provisions of these rules and regulations... any fines or costs will be chargeable to the cottage owner, and the same shall become a permanent lien upon the leasehold or other interest of the cottage owner... and shall be collected as are other Rents, Taxes, and Service fees..."

OWNER'S RENTAL FEE: RULE 7B/Amendment D: "No cottage shall be rented unless a rental registration is signed and filed by the cottage owner or their agent at the office of the Corporation on the forms supplied by the Corporation and the applicable fees paid. The rental fee is currently two hundred dollars ($200.00) per week, and may be adjusted from time to time by the Board; but if the cottage is rented to one tenant for more than three consecutive weeks no additional rental fee shall be charged after three weeks." Note: The rental fee will not be pro-rated for partial weeks – the full $200.00 applies regardless of the number of days the cottage is occupied by the tenant during the week. Owners failing to register a cottage/tenant via this form will be fined $100.00. If the cottage/tenant is not registered within 72 hours of receipt of notice, an additional fine of $250.00 will be levied and a fine of $50.00 per day will be charged for every day thereafter that cottage/tenant is not registered.

I have read the above rules and the applicable rental regulations.


Please send payment for the fees above to:
Thousand Island Park Corporation
42822 St. Lawrence Avenue Unit #1103
Thousand Island Park, NY 13692

Would you prefer to submit a paper form instead? Download Here